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Rebecca Dawson

 Many customers like to know about the person behind the products.


Here is a little bit about me and how it all started.




Business Philosophy


The objective of my business is to provide unique high quality product and reliable service for you the customers. I hope you will enjoy visiting the web site and wearing my jewellery as much as I enjoy designing and making it.


At the moment I make and finish all the silver and gold parts of my jewellery all pendants, clasps, wires etc are made by me by hand, Some of the smaller items are cast from my originals. I source and choose all stones and pearls myself.  I have a dedicated few who help me put together the pieces and get them out to my customers; I hope this is how it will stay.  My customers know who has made their piece, which makes it that, bit extra special and I believe they appreciate the personal service.



Where it began


Born in Cambridge in 1977 I was brought up in a small town by my parents who are both artistic my mother interested mainly in textiles and my father a furniture maker. It is not surprising that from an early age I enjoyed and was encouraged to explore arts and crafts.


At 16 I started my formal art education with a 2-year B-tech national in Art and design at Cambridge Regional College where I specialised in fashion and textiles. This led me to do a degree in Design crafts at a college in Hereford.  Here I began making jewellery boxes and things to go in them and in my final year I concentrated on jewellery and began to learn more about silver-smithing.


Having successfully completed my degree I left college and worked part time in ladies fashions whilst spending my free time working from home, after two long years in retail I applied for a job in a gallery which sold designer jewellery, amongst other fine art. The owner and manager is also a jeweller and had a workshop below the gallery, where her own designs were made and we did commission work.





This was where I learned  most about silver-smithing techniques and I gained a great deal from her 25yrs experience.

I was also able to use the workshop facilities for my own jewellery.


In 2002 after 2 yrs I left to have my son and have since worked part time in my own workshop.


Finally time has permitted me to set up this web site I hope you like it.



The workshop


photos of me working on the contact page.